Vendors of systems and devices that compliment the functionality of RMS are welcome to develop interfaces to the RMS data. A range of Advanced Programmer Interfaces (API) are provided for this purpose. These API's are intended for the use of suitably qualified IT professionals.

A Developers Kit is required to connect to Live clients and is charged as a once off fee. Clients who wish to connect to your interface must also subscribe to an RMS Module which will incur a per property, per month fee that varies depending on the module connected and charged directly to the property. 

Breakdown of Fees



How it works: 

Developers Kit: $550 excl. One off fee
  • Access to all related documentation
  • Agent Credentials to connect to any RMS Client that purchases the appropiate RMS module. 
  • Two 30 minute meetings; A kick off meeting for any questions you may have and a follow up meeting to be used at your discretion. 
  • RMS Certification
  • Company logo and contact details on the RMS partners page
  • Updates of any changes to the API
Ad hoc consulting: $30 excl. 15 minute increments Any Partner who requires assistance with their integration where RMS believes sufficient documentation has been provided, partners will be invoiced for the support teams time. 
Ad hoc development: $200 p/hour excl.  If your integration requires specialised development it will first need to be approved and RMS will quote you for the time it takes to design, build, test and release. 




The RMS REST API acts as a gateway to the RMS database. It can be used to extract a broad subset of data for a range of uses. The information can be extracted periodically as an automated routine or on demand. This interface also allows for the updating and creation of new data as well as the posting of charges. 
Please complete this form prior to purchasing the API Developers Kit: 
There are many uses for the RMS REST API which might include:
  • E-marketing solutions
  • Loyalty systems
  • Data correlation for group wide reporting
  • Statistical reporting
  • POS
  • Much more 

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RMS Online API

Retain the look and feel of your existing website and optionally include additional online functionality by using the RMS Online API.

Intermediaries such as third-party websites, wholesalers and in-bound tourism operators can create an open channel to automatically receive updated inventory from an RMS database and pass reservations back to RMS. 

Specifications for our Advanced Programmer Interfaces (API) can be viewed in our Knowledge Base here: RMS Online API

If developers wish to facilitate online payments they will need to integrate with a payment gateway. The API contains calls to pass payment details to the guest account.


Examples of clients who have used the RMS online API to develop their own booking engine (IBE).

Please note that this is an open source developer's kit which is offered at no charge for the use of suitably qualified web developers.

There is enough information within the API to allow an experienced developer to integrate a property's website with the full range of functionality of the RMS Online booking system.

Where a web developer requires assistance from RMS the standard consultation charges will apply.




If you are a developer  and would like to integrate with RMS then please fill our RMS Interface Partner Certification form and a RMS representative will contact you to and guide you through the rest of the process.