Dive deeper into OTA bookings


Running the pre-configured travel agent performance report in RMS allows you to compare your performance across OTAs and see which are contributing the most towards your bookings.

After exporting, you can easily identify your most profitable OTAs, as well as recognise areas for improvement. You can also:

  • Compare against the previous year to analyse YOY performance

  • Run reports on commission expenses and compare against individual OTAs

  • Optimise expenses on OTAs to understand where to invest for best ROI

  • Analyse profitability across various OTAs

How to run the report in RMS Cloud


Easily access your performance report in three easy steps:

Step 1

In the search box, type "travel agent performance” or go to Reports > Management > Statistics > Travel Agent Performance




Step 2

Enter the criteria, e.g. date range, room type, tariff type, etc.




Step 3

Export, view, and analyse report




Post-analysis - are you paying extra where you don’t need to?

Here’s an example of what you might find when you analyse the report:

Let’s say that most of your bookings are coming via SiteMinder HTNG and most of your expenses are also going towards SiteMinder. 

You can run a similar OTA performance report on SiteMinder to identify the channels that receive the most bookings, such as Expedia, Booking.com, Agoda, etc.

If you’re experiencing a similar scenario, you can cut down those expenses without affecting your distribution and reach by utilising RMS’ native channel manager.

By integrating with OTAs directly via RMS, you will:

  • Save on distribution costs
  • Save time by not having to update the rates on multiple systems
  • Have better reporting and visibility as all the information is available on a single system



“As a hotel manager who has used nearly all the considerable multiple channel management platforms in the industry, RMS Cloud's channel manager is by far the best one in terms of the functions it provides and the usability. The staff could use it like an expert after 40 minutes of training.”

Hotel Manager, Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach at Accor