What is a reservation management system?


A reservation management system is a digital application that securely collects and stores your property’s bookings. Property operators use the software to access past, present and future reservations, which they can then manage accordingly. By implementing a robust hotel reservation system, hoteliers become more efficient by automating a huge portion of their daily operations and conveniently streamlining the guest’s online booking journey. 

Streamline operations with hotel reservation software

Hotel reservation software isn’t just built for hotels; flexible solutions can be adapted to suit operators of all accommodation types, from motels, resorts and serviced apartments to holiday parks and guest houses. They are also ideal for multi-property operators, especially if the solution is cloud-based.


Why is a cloud-based reservation system important?


Cloud-based reservation software is fully hosted online, which gives you the flexibility to work from any location on any internet-connected device. It’s a cost-effective solution compared to a physical, self-hosted reservation system which is often bulky, expensive and restrictive compared to its cloud-based counterpart. A cloud management system also offers full scalability, which means accommodation group managers can oversee every property and access data from each within a single application, regardless of whether or not they are on-site.


What are the key features of the reservation management system?


RMS’ hotel reservation software is designed to be user friendly, providing logical workflows for different departments across your business, including front desk, housekeeping and marketing. A clean user interface combined with intuitive icons makes the management system easy to use, regardless of technology experience. Within a single screen, users can view a snapshot of guest, reservation and account details, as well as notes and requirements, making it easy to view the information you need at a glance. 

Guest-driven functions within the booking engine pave the way for a positive booking experience and help guests make better informed decisions. With branded web integration, guests can seamlessly transition from website to booking engine before completing the step-by-step process. Group bookings are easy with intuitive booking cart functionality, and users can enrich their stay by adding any extras (such as breakfast or bicycle hire) to their booking. From a hotel management perspective, operators can create additional revenue streams with the upsell functionality and also implement a 10-minute pencil booking timer, which holds the inventory in your property management system to reduce the chance of double bookings.

Most hotel management systems do so much more than creating and storing online reservations; they also containa range of additional operational tools to help you run your business more efficiently. As well as reservation management, you can connect to a channel manager to distribute your inventory, set your rates to react to supply and demand, view relevant reports across your business enterprise and much more. 

Many also have the capability to integrate with industry-related partners (such as revenue managers, financial interfaces and POS solutions) so you can improve your tech stack and guest offering from one centralised location.


Why choose the RMS reservation system?


As an innovative market leader for over 35 years, RMS understand exactly what property operators need to successfully run their businesses. We’re experts in hospitality tech, designing reservation software that is powerful, adaptable and customised to your business needs, often enhancing our functionality based on valuable user suggestions and feedback. Being in a constant state of innovation keeps us at the top of our game by rapidly responding to ever-evolving changes in guest and industry demand.

Hear how our clients rate our reservation management system


Customer stories make a big difference when choosing the reservation system best suited to your business. From small hotel owners to global groups, our reservation software is favoured by many across the globe:

“As we expand, we need systems that are scalable and RMS’ solution meets this requirement.”

Alfred Ong

Head of Global Operations, The Ascott Limited

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