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Gone are the days when pen and paper were the only options to help with the running of your hotel. Now, you can use a property management app to maintain every aspect of your business, from taking reservations and controlling rates to delivering tailored marketing communications and scheduling reports for enhanced business intelligence.

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, the opportunities are endless when it comes to utilising online property management to streamline your operations.

Let’s take a closer look.


Finding the right PMS system (hotel and hospitality operators)

PMS stands for property management system and in its simplest term, it is a piece of software that helps you manage, organise and take control over your day-to-day operations. Progressing from a simple front-desk solution, a hotel PMS now has enhanced capabilities that allow you to grow by gaining a deeper insight into your business performance. Here are just a few examples of what you can do in a modern-day PMS system:

Advantages of a cloud property management software

Traditionally, hotels have opted for a physical property management system that is self-hosted and located on-premise. The negatives are that self-hosting is expensive, the servers take up a lot of space and can be limited in what it offers. Cloud property management software on the other hand is scalable, flexible and fully accessible via an online server. 

Going a step further are companies that offer their software with cloud hosting built-in, known as Software as a Service (SaaS). This gives you the added advantage of fast deployment and receiving automated upgrades when new features are released. Multi-properties can also manage their range of hotels from one centralised location, with data consolidated and stored in the cloud. This means you can manage on the move by accessing your PMS system from any location, at any time.

Key benefits of a hotel property management system

Stripped back to the basics, hoteliers strive to meet two objectives - deliver an outstanding guest experience and run their hotel effectively and efficiently. Within those objectives are secondary and tertiary goals, the majority of which can be achieved using smart property management software. Your PMS, therefore, offers a whole host of benefits that are ready and waiting for you to take full advantage of.

Here’s what you could achieve with the right online property management system:

Increased productivity

An intuitive property management solution allows you to spend more time where it matters - focusing on your guests - by simplifying and automating day-to-day operations. Use your PMS to set a pricing strategy and it will automatically update based on occupancy levels and other rules set by you. You can also trigger messages to guests at set times (such as pre-arrival), link up to a channel manager and IBE for real-time booking chart updates and invite guests to check-in online for a seamless guest experience. Once you’re set up, you can sit back and let your PMS take care of the rest.


Limitless scalability

A cloud-based property management app is designed to strengthen, streamline and grow with your hotel business.


Seamless guest journeys

With an online portal or app, guests can manage every aspect of their reservation at any time, from anywhere and on any device. Technology-driven PMS providers will offer software that enables guests to check-in early, check-out, make payments and complete digital registrations from their device. They will also offer integrations with access control companies, allowing you to cut keys directly from your PMS software.


Strengthened guest relationships

A PMS system packed with guest-centric modules is key for driving repeat visits. Hyper-targeted digital marketing tools and a bespoke rewards program all help to create lasting impressions on your guests, encouraging them to return again and again.


Efficient housekeeping

An interactive housekeeping app increases staff efficiency by enabling you to allocate and track tasks in real-time. Using automated functions designed for the completion of everyday tasks, your housekeepers can review and complete their daily assignments using their handheld device.


Deeper business insights

Robust report engines help you analyse key areas of your business using data-driven results. You can then make strategic decisions based on the data to enhance your business. Some hospitality property management systems allow you to generate custom reports so you can extract specific information.


Complete visibility for multi-operators

A cloud PMS with enterprise capabilities benefits multi-property hoteliers as you can manage all of your assets from a single, centralised database. With a powerful enterprise system, you can run reports to compare hotel performance, take advantage of multi-asset selling with inbuilt central reservation functionality and merge guest profiles and history for a deeper understanding of guest behaviour.


Enhanced data security

A powerful property management system like RMS is protected by military-grade data security and has additional security protocols within the application to keep your sensitive data safe, secure and defended.


How to choose hotel PMS software for your needs


At its core, a PMS system helps you and your property become more efficient. It frees up your time so you can better spend it focusing on your guests. That said, all hospitality businesses are unique so it’s crucial to research property management websites to find the right fit for your property. Here are some key factors to consider that will help you make an informed decision:

  • Cost - the price for hotel PMS software varies depending on the provider. Some charge a pay-per-room fee, others are commission-based and some are monthly subscriptions. There is also a cost difference between on-premise and cloud-based systems, with the former generally costing more over time and having limitations compared to a virtual property manager cloud software.

    RMS Cloud, for example, is a subscription-based cloud property management software that allows you to pick and choose modules best suited to your business needs. System upgrades and enhancements are included in the subscription fees and they offer 24/7 customer support for free (unlike other PMS providers who charge extra for support services and new functionality).

  • Features - as covered in the key benefits above, it’s crucial that your PMS software isn’t limited in its functionality. A robust PMS system will offer a range of front-of-house, back-of-house and guest-facing features, as well as integrations with third-party’s that will enable you to build your perfect hospitality ecosystem. Client-focused providers like RMS encourage their users to share any ideas and improvements online via a suggestion box which others users can vote for. The product development team then review the suggestions and make the necessary changes, ensuring RMS updates are driven by its users.

  • Customisation - one thing your PMS provider should offer is the ability to tailor the software to your needs. Customisable dashboards and the ability to activate PMS modules and connect to third-party integrations are necessary in making your PMS your own.

  • Migration - if you’re looking to switch PMS software providers, then migration is another key consideration. Established PMS providers will have a proven track record for effectively onboarding single and multi-propertie. They will safely store guest data during the switchover and offer comprehensive training programs prior to going live so staff are familiar with the system and functionality. 

“l could not ask for a better PMS install team and partnership as we have with you both and the whole RMS team! I always know that we are in the best of hands. We could never have done this with any other PMS provider.”

Liz Callaghan

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