RMS Masterclass

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers we frequently host regional masterclasses and workshops. 

An RMS Masterclass is the perfect way to engage with the rich functionality within our Property Management System and help you unlock the full potential of the application. Become a better user and leverage the power of RMS to increase efficiencies, improve occupancy and maximise yield.

Masterclasses and workshops vary in length and subject matter, the most popular are our four-hour masterclass sessions, which are usually hosted at Industry Conferences. These events are open to everyone, regardless of which reservation system they are using, and cover a broad range of features and processes, making an ideal workshop for staff, managers and owners. There are always opportunities to ask questions, to further develop your understanding.

Each Masterclass is a hands on workshop, conducted in a casual and conversational manner and designed to benefit participants of any age or skill level.

We do recommend pre-registering for these events, a list of our most popular events are below.

What to bring: Some attendees just like to sit back and take it all in, whereas others like to take notes or even bring their laptop or tablet with them. We do recommend bringing a dongle or internet hotspot for your device.


G'DAY18 Masterclass

VIC Parks Masterclass

Western Australia Roadshow

WA Tourism Masterclass

TOP10 Workshop

BIG4 Masterclass

SA Parks Masterclass

CIAA Masterclass & Workshop

RMS East Coast Roadshow


New Zealand

HAPNZ Masterclass

NZ Masterclass