Intuitive property management designed with you in mind

Developed jointly alongside the industry to meet specific shopping centre needs, our software has key features to help you effectively manage the casual leasing of booths, stalls, media, vending or any other site type.

Our cloud-based and centralised model is developed with the needs of multi-property managers in mind. It provides head office and management teams direct access to all its centres in local, national or international environments from a single source.

Integrate almost any financial management system and utilise specialised reporting specific to the needs of shopping centre users and managers.

Intuitive and easy to use, our software can be adapted and customised to meet your specific business requirements. Access it from any online device and manage your property from anywhere at any time.

Manage multiple properties

Ideal for groups and chains, combine data from all your properties and access from one central platform. Market and distribute inventory across all channels from a single source.

Cyan Enterprise
Purple Dashboard

Customise your dashboard

Set up and customise multiple dashboards to suit the needs of your users, managers and departments, with the ability to snapshot real-time operations.

Specialised features

→ Sales administration capability

→ Accurate allocation of food, non-food, vending, media, etc. to individual sites

→ Additional modules available including stock control

→ Cloud-based for rapid, cost-effective deployment and management