Make your marina go further

Catering for marinas with berths or slips of any size, our property management system is designed to resolve all of the operational challenges you currently face. We’ve created specialised functions in response to the industry's particular requirements so you can run your marina efficiently.

Our cloud-based software covers every element of front office operations, reservations and financial reporting. Increase business with direct website bookings and simplify product distribution with our range of seamless integrations. Access the software from your mobile device and run your business from anywhere, at any time.

Easily control and manage your marina with our easy-to-use screens and daily reports that you can customise to suit your needs as well as your users.


Scalable Cloud solutions

Easily consolidate your data from multiple properties and store in one centralised system. We offer rapid deployment across multiple properties and complete data security with round-the-clock global hosting compliance.

Cyan Enterprise
Orange Dashboard

Customise your dashboard

Set up and customise multiple dashboards to suit the needs of your users, managers and departments, with the ability to snapshot real-time operations.

All-in-one reservation screen

Improve operational efficiency and save time by viewing your client details, reservation details and account information all from one highly-configurable screen.

Purple All In One Res Screen

“The capabilities of the software is astounding, everything is configurable and when it comes to running a marina, this program seems to be able to do everything you throw at it, and really streamline the process.”

Maxwell Schuler