Short term letting just got easier

Our short term rental application offers everything from automatic rent calculations and colour-coded booking charts to a preference filtering that lists the most suitable houses. The navigation is user-friendly with intuitive workflows and customisable dashboards that allow you to streamline the processes and easily manage hundreds of individual properties.

Drive real-time online bookings from your website, collate detailed management reports for accounting and marketing and complete end of month processes without the hassle.

Our state-of-the-art trust accounting functions, processes and reporting ensure landlords, tenants and agents are safely and securely looked after.

You can access your house letting application from any device, allowing you to run your business from anywhere, at any time.

If you need any assistance, our round-the-clock support team are on hand to help.


Scalable Cloud solutions

Easily consolidate your data from multiple properties and store in one centralised system. We offer rapid deployment across multiple properties and complete data security with round-the-clock global hosting compliance.

Orange Enterprise
Purple All In One Res Screen

All-in-one reservation screen

Improve operational efficiency and save time with a single reservation screen displaying client details, reservation details and account information.

Enjoy seamless integrations

Our flexible property management system offers real-time integrations with a complete distribution solution. We’re integrated with revenue, yield and reputational management applications.

Green Module Market
Cyan EDM

Keep on top of tenants

Maintain an extensive tenant database including histories of correspondence, preferences and profiles. Effectively reach them with marketing campaigns and easily monitor the performance.

“All aspects of the holiday letting system comply with the Australian statutory requirements. Most of the trust accounting functions occur automatically. Uncomplicated end of month routine that is both simple and transparent.”

Short term letting features

Easy-to-view colour coded booking chart

Full property management and trust accounting functionality

Maintain an extensive tenant database

Maintain comprehensive histories of tenant’s correspondence, preferences and profiles

Monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Generate an extensive range of performance reports

Internet bookings online in "real-time”

Comprehensive management reports for accounting and marketing

Flexible rent calculations designed to maximise yield to suit all requirements