RMS has been providing to specialist needs for all facilities types for over 30 years. 


RMS has assisted specialist catering equipment hire businesses, provided solutions for companies seeking Carpooling Systems and even provided Systems for Funeral Homes and Cemeteries.


Many local councils opt for RMS to manage bookings for a wide variety of their assets, Parks, Gardens, Sports Fields, Stadiums and Halls.  

Event Management 

RMS Events Management module system is used in Function Centres as the ideal solution for handling even the most complex Events, Festivals, Conferences or Conventions.

Customised Solutions

If your business requires a specific need for the facility the dedicated RMS specialists will work to deliver the perfect solution from the many options already available or if desired RMS will even customise a solution to the specific needs. 

Key Features

Mobile and tablet friendly, fully integrated Cloud Based system.

ManageMultipleProperties RMS

Manage Multiple Properties

Perfect for group or chain, our system can seamlessly combine data from any number of work sites

Synchronise data, instantly check room availability, generate combined financial reports all from one central location 

Customisable Dashboard RMS

Customisable Dashboard

Customise dashboards accordingly for each manager, with the ability to snapshot real time operations to view what is happening and what’s essential.

Events Flexible RMS

Work from any device

The system can be accessed on mobile devices including Smart Phones, Tablet Laptops and Desktop Computers when online. Granting access to your property from any location at anytime.

Allinoneplace RMS

Scalable Cloud solutions

Rapid deployment across multiple property environments.

Complete data security with round-the-clock global hosting compliance and reliability.


•Email or print directly from within the RMS hospitality cloud

•SMS messages and emails can be sent automatically at determined times

•Full general ledger financial system proving comprehensive reporting

•Set up budgets to chart progress

•Event module can be configured to provide detailed profit/loss statement for each event

•Charges can be logged individually or at set intervals or recorded as a reservation is made.

•RMS Hospitality Cloud can be linked to seamlessly transfer data into your finance system

•Membership databases and to other business system can be linked


•The system links your web pages to RMS allowing instant booking requests

•Caters for numerous additional fields and unique routines to cater for the special needs of a facility site

•Screens have flexible layouts that users can tailor screen to their liking

•Reservation blocks in 15 minute intervals

•Customers details instantly available for future reservation

•Comprehensive suite of reports available. Unlimited construction of reports with the ability to save and reuse templates

•Keep details of all correspondence and notes for each client

“If you have a specific need for your facility or business our specialists will work with you to deliver the right solution from the many options already available. If necessary we can even customize a solution to your specific needs.”

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