Improve efficiency with our reservation management software

We’ve been providing speciality applications to the facilities industry for over 30 years. 

Our intuitive software has everything you need to effectively manage your facility and staff, including a range of online portals (covering customer, corporate, wholesale and owner), an internal channel manager for cost-effective distribution and an internet booking engine to generate real-time bookings.

Utilise our point of sale module for cafes, gift shops and ticket sales, increase guest engagement with our internal and automated communication tools, and manage your facility and staff with housekeeping and property management. 

Improve operational efficiency by saving customer details for future reservations, accessing an extensive suite of comprehensive reports (including business intelligence), making use of our full general ledger financial system and linking your membership databases/other business systems.

We also provide full staff training, both in-house and via online tutorials.

Manage multiple properties

Seamlessly combine data from any number of your facilities. Located in one central location, you can:

Synchronise data

Instantly check availability

Generate combined financial reports

Rest easy knowing you have complete data security and round-the-clock global hosting compliance and reliability

With our enterprise solution, you can utilise a single database for all of your facilities.


Orange Enterprise

Customise your dashboard

Set up and customise multiple dashboards to suit the needs of your users, managers and departments, with the ability to snapshot real-time operations.

Work from any device

Easily manage your facilities from any location at any time. Access the software from any online device, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Other ways to use our software:

“If you have a specific need for your facility or business, our specialists will work with you to deliver the right solution from the many options already available. If necessary, we can even customise a solution to your specific needs.”

Peter Buttigieg

Managing Director, RMS Cloud