Military precision when you need it most

Our fully-featured property management system is tailored specifically to the needs of the military. Used extensively in military barracks across Australia, it provides an advanced property and accommodation management solution. 

Our unique and flexible screen layouts help you to easily coordinate the intricacies of military camp management and personnel movements, as well as dining arrangements. 

The screen layouts can be customised further with field names to suit military use and comprehensive reporting to ensure controlling military bases is as simple as possible. All processes are managed through a single system with personnel management, contractors and subcontractors, base and asset maintenance, to-do lists, historical and statutory reporting and forecasting tools becoming easily manageable.

At RMS, we’re proud to represent the Australian Defence Force as the preferred supplier. Our system is adopted by most barracks in Australia and is gaining usage in the United Kingdom.

Accessible and secure

Easily manage your barracks from any online device, from any location, at any time. 

Rest easy knowing that our cloud-based software supplies:

→ Rapid deployment across multiple properties

→ Complete data security

→ Round-the-clock global hosting compliance and reliability


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Specialised features

→ Groups and bulk room selections

→ Meal management functionality

→ Security profiles control access

→ Hotbed options

→ Communication via email and SMS

→ Retention of records for future use

→ Integrated into RMS Online


FedRAMP certified

We're the only property management system to achieve FedRAMP security certification, which endorses our military-grade security protocols and measures.

We're approved for use by US government agencies and have an existing contract with the US Marine Corps Community Services. 

RMS gets FEDRamp Security Certified

“RMS is a preferred supplier to the Australian Defence Force. Our system is used in most barracks in Australia and is gaining usage in the United Kingdom.”