Linked Gateways

Payment Gateways are an e-commerce application provided by merchant services to authorize and process credit card payments taken online in a PCI DSS compliant manner.

Setting up RMS to connect with a Payment Gateway merchant account provides the ability to securely process online payments or refunds directly from any account in RMS.

The following Payment Gateways are currently available for interface in RMS:

The availability of a specific Payment Gateway Provider is determined by your country of operation.

  • RMS Payment Gateway – default option

Click Here to access our Knowledge Base article on PCI Compliance, Payment Gateways, and our FAQs

Obtaining a Gateway Account

Prior to being able to process online payments via a Payment Gateway in RMS, you will require an account with your chosen provider from the list above.

To begin this process, please contact one of the listed Payment Gateway Providers direct.

Once your merchant facility with one of the listed Payment Gateway Providers is active these details need to be entered into RMS.

Alternatively, you may select the default option available within RMS and after providing any additional information requested, you will automatically have a payment gateway account opened for you and registered within RMS.  You may then take online payments immediately which shall deposit to your nominated bank account.