Our housekeeping software module has been built to offer flexibility and improve productivity in your housekeeping department. Our range of dynamic features ensures that everything is cleaned, maintained and organised to your standards.

The housekeeping module comes with an array of automated functions designed to assist your housekeeping department with efficient management of this critical function. 

Tasks can be allocated to your housekeeping team via the roster screen, and you can even pinpoint the exact location of every housekeeper who is using the staff portal by viewing their active task.

What can you get with the housekeeping module?

Track in real-time

The staff portal will enable real-time reporting and instant updates. Using their mobile devices, your housekeepers will be able to:

→ View their daily tasks

→ Set a timer to track how long each task takes

→ Mark tasks as complete which will instantly update room clean status in RMS

→ Record DND or refusal of service


Purple Staff Portal

Increase operational efficiency

As a property manager, you’ll have the ability to:

→ Set time or credit allocations against tasks you create

→ Schedule tasks to automatically fall at agreed intervals

→ Track linen usage and record rejected linen 

→ Create bespoke housekeeping tasks as part of a rate plan

→ Use the roster tool to allocate an even spread of tasks to your team each day

Centralised message centre

Your team will be able to use the chat feature to send relevant messages from the front desk, executive housekeeper or to each other (for example, notifying them of guest requests).

Orange Message Centre

“You will love the ability to manage daily housekeeping tasks at the touch of a button - from daily operational schedules to resource forecasting.”