Strengthen guest relationships

Effective guest communication is vital to the growing success of your business. With mobile devices practically an extra appendage in today’s world, SMS marketing is a cost-effective technique you can’t afford to ignore.

According to research, 98% of all messages are viewed within three minutes of being received. The opportunities for utilising this highly effective and virtually instant messaging technique are endless. Use SMS to tell guests about your exclusive deals, loyalty rewards, happy hour notifications and in-house events, as well as individual information, such as booking confirmations and pre-check-in info.

At RMS, we provide one-way SMS (to send only) and two-way SMS (to send and receive messages).

Other solutions to boost guest engagement

Enhance the guest experience by utilising our full range of marketing tools, including:

Cyan EDM

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Our internal EDM module makes it easy for you to target specific audiences with relevant information. By segmenting your database, you can increase hotel guest engagement by marketing to different audiences (such as past guests).

We’ve made the module really user-friendly; all you have to do is drag and drop elements like text, images, buttons and links into our simple template builder. 

The end result? A professional and sleek email campaign without the digital marketing degree.


Interactive guest portal

Enhance the guest experience by building loyalty and relationships while also saving precious time and money. With the guest portal, guests can use their mobile device to:

Track and manage their reservations

Make secure payments

Check themselves in and out

You can also enable pre-check-in to deliver a seamless check-in experience before your guest has even stepped through the door.


Purple Guest Portal
Orange Loyalty

Guest rewards

Use our loyalty tool to create a bespoke program that rewards guests for staying with you.

Guests can accumulate and redeem points for rewards or future stays at your property

Fully customisable with the ability to tailor to your brand and guests

Designed for easy enrolment - staff can sign up existing guests in one easy click

“A high level of automation streamlines communication and SMS messaging is the icing on cake.”

Graham Higgins

Director, Vacy Hall