Maximise revenue with every reservation

Set rates based on your predetermined occupancy, then leave your PMS to do the rest. 

With our dynamic pricing module, the pricing rules you set will automatically adjust and update rates depending on your occupancy levels. This allows you to increase yields during high demand and maximise occupancy during quiet periods.


A fully-integrated solution

Once you set a dynamic rate, you can leave it to the system to regulate it. Rates are distributed in real-time to:

Your front office

Your website

Third-party travel agents


As well as being fully customisable, the system is also cloud-based, making it easy to access from any device, at any time.


Purple Channel Manager
Cyan Availability Chart

A self-controlled panel

Make manual overrides at any time to a single room for a single day with our rate/availability chart. 

Complex overrides can be easily applied to a mix of room types, dates and channels with the fully-functional control panel.


Bump up your bookings

Incorporate time frames to apply a rate dependent on certain factors, for instance, when offering a special deal if the booking is made before a specific date.

Stay one step ahead by incorporating a combination of times and occupancies as a contingency for any unexpected outcomes.


Orange Booking Chart

“The dynamic rates feature has assisted us in increasing our nightly rates automatically without having to spend hours updating channel managers.”

Sunny Sardana

General Manager at Quality Hotel Lighthouse

What else can you get with RMS?


A dynamic pricing solution is just one of the many beneficial features that we offer. Here are a few more:

Cyan Enterprise

Manage multiple properties

Use RMS Enterprise to manage your properties and groups from one flexible location. Combine all the data into your RMS system to view accurate reports and prevent guest duplication.

Purple Staff Portal

Track housekeeping tasks

Increase cleaning efficiency with our user-friendly housekeeping app. Assign jobs, track cleaning time and enable staff to update tasks in real-time through their mobile or tablet.

Orange Guest Portal

Enhance experiences with portals

Our online portals are great for increasing operational efficiency, offering controlled access and providing valuable customer service. They include the guest portal, owner portal, corporate portal and staff portal.

Green Module Market

Increase business efficiency

Connect to third parties via our open API or choose from our extensive range of integrations that include payment gateways, POS, revenue management and more. All your integrations are accessible via RMS.