Manage your bookings the easy way

With RMS’ inbuilt
channel manager software, you can manage multiple bookings by connecting to the major online booking agents, straight from your software. Check out our full list of connections here.

Our channel management system (software) is fully integrated, which puts you in control. Update your rates, rules and availability, customise the layout and design to reflect your property and refine content to influence online rankings.

Purple Channel Manager

Less complex, more cost-effective

Our channel manager is native to our software which means you don’t need to connect to a third party in order to link up to the world’s leading booking channels. With the inbuilt channel manager software, you can:

Regulate inventory and rates from one location

→ Reduce distribution and online booking acquisition costs

→ See which OTAs are contributing the most towards bookings with OTA performance reports

Upgraded efficiency

Unlike many third-party
channel management systems or software, our real-time updates mean that bookings arrive in your RMS system in seconds. 

These real-time updates greatly reduce the chance of double bookings, keeping everything running smoothly.

See out top tips on how you can get the most out of your channel manager.

Cyan Booking Chart
Orange Reports

Compare OTA and direct bookings

Alongside the channel manager, we recommend utilising RMS' internet booking engine (IBE) to further trim distribution costs. Using the reports in RMS, you can:

→ Break down bookings across OTAs and those made directly via your IBE

→ Compare performance and make data-driven business decisions


Get more for your money

Boost your revenue with our robust rate manager and dynamic pricing modules:

→ Set the rate and let the PMS system take care of the rest

→ Maximise yield when you’re busy

→ Improve occupancy when you’re quiet

→ Rates are automatically calculated based on your predetermined occupancy levels

→ Quickly create new rate plans with our derived rate functionality

Green Rate Manager

““An inbuilt channel manager simplifies distribution, doesn’t cost extra and means we don’t have managers wasting time logging in and out of a separate system to manage rates and inventory - it can all be done in the one place.””

Brett Salter

National Accommodation Manager at ALH Group

Channel manager comparison

RMS’ native channel manager

Save time - avoid managing the same information multiple times on different systems

Cost-effective - channel manager functionality included in PMS subscription

✔ User-friendly - UI is consistent with other PMS features

✔ Everything in one place- no need to train staff on multiple systems

External third-party channel manager

✖ Extra costs - pay OTA commission plus third-party channel manager fees

 Less efficient - log in and out of systems to switch between PMS and channel manager

 More training - additional system to learn and train staff on

 Higher potential for overbookings - updates rarely sync with PMS in real-time

What else can you get with RMS?

Channel management is just one of the many innovative features that we offer. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Cyan Enterprise

Manage multiple properties

Use RMS Enterprise to manage your properties and groups from one flexible location. Combine all the data into your RMS system to view accurate reports and prevent guest duplication.

Purple Staff Portal

Track housekeeping tasks

Increase cleaning efficiency with our user-friendly housekeeping app. Assign jobs, track cleaning time and enable staff to update tasks in real-time through their mobile or tablet.

Orange Guest Portal

Enhance experiences with portals

Our online portals are great for increasing operational efficiency, offering controlled access and providing valuable customer service. They include the guest portal, owner portal, corporate portal and staff portal.

Green Module Market

Increase business efficiency

Connect to third parties via our open API or choose from our extensive range of integrations that include payment gateways, POS, revenue management and more. All your integrations are accessible via RMS.